Our Story: By Dentists, for Dentists

Posted by Alex Pulec on Aug 12, 2019 2:47:45 PM

From humble beginnings to transforming into a thought leader worldwide, Consult-PRO's successful history is woven with education, art, innovation and community. 

In 1999, Dr. Boris Pulec, a general dentist in Toronto, Canada, found that when describing some of the more complex procedures to his patients, they often craved more visual illustrations and information beyond diagnostic models to understand the benefits and risks of their treatment options and oral health. Drawing from an artistic background in painting and sculpting, he was inspired to use cutting edge animation technology to bridging his passion for art and design with his clinical knowledge to make a patient sympathetic learning tool that empowered, educated and improved the confidence of every patient`s consultation.

With the help of a private technical and development team, Consult-PRO was created and ran out of the back of Dr. Pulec`s dental office. It was first used exclusively in his practices and by his associates, and the results were staggering. Patients were not only motivated to accept more treatment, but the quality of care and appreciation shown by each patient demonstrated that providing top quality care and oral health education resonated on a much deeper level. It was after this that Dr. Pulec and his associates believed it was time to share this amazing technology with clinicians and patients all over the world! 

Since then, the Consult-PRO HQ has moved out of the back of a dental office and into its own 3 story building. Our user base has grown from a single practice in Toronto, to servicing thousands of clinics, dental schools and hygiene colleges in over 115 countries. From CD-ROM to USB keys, it is now a full scale cloud and web service. From being available in 1 language, to 29 and growing. Forging the concept of office success, into practice management for multi-office DSO's. A system created by dentists, for dentists, with a rapidly growing community, the future is full of excitement. There is much more innovation to be done to improve dental schools, private practices and the health and well being of patients worldwide.

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