Posted by Alex Pulec on May 21, 2020 4:17:12 PM
Alex Pulec

With the mandatory closure of non-essential businesses, we just wanted to reassure you that Dentists MUST still available to treat dental emergencies as needed. Far too often patients do not understand what a true dental emergency even is. As we are learning, the benefits of remote work are staggering. Use these tips and graphic to help educate, give comfort and give the best care to your patients.



The first thing you need is a cloud based dental practice management system. This will allow you keep track of patients from any location and record the appointment. You may keep your present dental practice management system in the BASE dental office and have a cloud system only for your VIRTUAL dental office to get up and running right away. Later, the virtual patients can be transferred to your BASE office system, or simply convert your BASE office to use the same VIRTUAL system.


A patient education software that can work with your cloud practice management system that can educate patients on the problem they may have, the procedures you recommend, their options and the consequences of non treatment is a must. Videos that can be shown to the patients on line, while you are talking with them as well as drawing pictures on the graphics in real time to explain any procedures and options.



You will need a communication software that allows real time to texting and or emailing to keep in contact with the patient and at the same time record everything in the record of care automatically. You are supposed to keep a record of all communication in the record of care for proper documentation. Being new to Teledentistry, one may forget to record all the details that transpire. Having the software do it saves a lot of time and makes it more accurate.


You will need a communication software that allows real time face to face visual communication with the patient and allows them to see the computer screen you would be showing them using you cloud practice management system. Recording your consultation is a must.

Your patients need you!

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