The Top 3 Reasons Why Customers Stop Paying for Consult-PRO

Posted by Alex Therrien on Nov 20, 2019 9:58:25 AM
Alex Therrien

There are many reasons why a customer might not want to continue paying for a service. Connection errors, price increases, or a change in product offering could all be causes of a cancellation. But why do our customers stop paying for the service? This is what we wanted to know, and so we began to gather data from all our customers that stopped paying to get to the bottom of the mystery. After gathering data for months, we have found the three most common reasons that customers stop paying for Consult-PRO!

1. Expired Payment

It’s hard to keep track of every expiry date on all of your credit cards, and we know that! One of the biggest reasons why customers stop paying for Consult-PRO is that their credit card suddenly becomes invalid and needs to be updated. Our customers are busy dental professionals, and they can’t always find the time to reach us and update that information. This leads to a breakdown in communication and unfortunately these customers just stop paying. 

Thankfully, we’re now working on a solution for this problem! With our newest product, Chairside Web, our customers will soon be able to manage their payment information from the comfort of their web browser! No more phone calls, scanning, or faxing! Our customers will be able to log in to their Consult-PRO account on our website and update all their payment information without hassle. This is a feature that we are very excited about, and you can follow us on social media to find out when it gets released!

2. Account Transfer

Another big reason that our customers stop paying for Consult-PRO is when one satisfied customer either retires or changes practices, and the new owner would be the one to take over the account. Similar to our process for gathering payments, the traditional methods of transferring accounts can be a strain on the busy schedules of our customers.

To help our customers save more time that they can spend closing cases, our new account management portal will also allow a quick and easy way to transfer ownership of their account. They need only to log in with their current account information, fill out the required fields, and their account will be transferred instantly! Instead of wading through e-mails and trying to find time to meet with one of our account managers, the transfer can be made instantly with no hassle!

3. Inactivity

Perhaps the most common reason that our customers choose to cancel their subscription to Consult-PRO is that they stop using the product regularly. Often this is due to a lack of comfort with our software. Customers that aren’t sure of how to navigate the software, or aren’t aware of the best way to use it, tend to get discouraged and stop using Consult-PRO. When they see that their case acceptance has not changed, they look to cut costs and choose to cancel their subscription. 

Often when we evaluate these cases, all that is needed is for the customer to be given a quick training session. After that session, our customers almost always feel better about the software, and learn the best way to use Consult-PRO in their practice. Once this is understood, these customers almost always continue their subscription and start succeeding with Consult-PRO!


There are many reasons that a customer might cancel a subscription, and we have found that these three reasons are the most common for our customers. We are always looking for feedback from our customers to ensure that we are providing them with the best service that we can!

If you have any questions about this article, or if you have some feedback for us, feel free to let us know in the comments!

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