10 Reasons Why You Need Teledentistry Software

Posted by Alex Pulec on May 21, 2020 5:04:04 PM
Alex Pulec

Teledentistry has been around since the telephone but today there are available technologies that take it to the next level. Consult-PRO is the world's best patient education software used by dental offices in 128 countries and 20 languages. Consult-PRO is now introducing CLOUDENT: (Full Practice Management Cloud Software) with many unmatched features including face to face patient communication termed Teledentistry

1. Patient Retention

During the COVID-19 pandemic the office needs to keep in contact with their patients so they do not leave the office after the closures are over.

2. Emergency Care

The office can still “see“ emergencies and evaluate the situation much better than just a telephone call. Including Writing prescriptions.

3. Pre Screening Patient Appointments

You are able to pre-screen patients before entering the office to book the appropriate amount of time as not to be under book or overbook.

4. Second Opinions

When a patient has x-rays and other records, having them do the consultation online will save them lots of travel time especially if they are coming from a long way. With great animation and presentation tools found in CLOUDENT they will be more inclined to become a patient.


5. New Patients Source

There are millions of patients that do not visit the dental office due to may fears. Letting them consult first online brings them one step closer to visiting your dental office.

6. Saving Patients and Office Time

With busy dental offices and busy patients if the situation can be resolved over the internet it will save everyone time and money.

7. Improve Office Image

Offering Teledentistry to your patients will greatly increase the overall image of the office.The office appears up to date and modern, even if they never use the service.

8. Front Desk Staff Building Rapport with Patients

Using a visual two way visual communication tool when needed will build great loyalty with patients and fun for the staff as well.


9. Increasing Referrals

Patients that use the Teledentistry part of your practice will tell everyone and increase the office new patient referrals. The right software like CLOUDENT even has an App to get them referred fast.


10. Proper Record Keeping and HIPPA Compliance

Having the right software will allow easy incorporation of Teledentistry for the office. All communication has to be recorded in the record of care. CLOUDENT does this automatically.

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